Frequently Asked Questions

/Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few selected circumstances that do not require a Building Permit and these can be addressed at point of sale as they are based on an individual need. Most jobs do require a Building Permit especially projects that are built on a permanent basis as they need to meet the standards of the NT Building Code of Australia.

Now Renovations will coordinate and handle all aspects to ensure that your job will have all Certificates, Inspections and Engineering required to achieve the Coding Standards and to acquire your Occupancy Permit.

We aim for approximately 3 weeks from start date. A starting date is when the Building Permit is issued. All jobs are evaluated on an individual basis and Sam will be able to advise time frames at point of sale.

All payment terms will be discussed at point of sale but for general guidelines:

  • $2,500.00 deposit (if permits are required)
  • 50% on delivery
  • Remainder on completion

Now Renovations will stand by our products and services for a 10 year period!